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High dose Glucosamine Supplement.

The most cost effective supplement of its type in Western Australia

Daily dose of glucosamine HCl 12,000 mg

Contains no prohibited substances

Glucosamine is rapidly absorbed from the gut and concentrates in articular cartilage following oral dosing

Glucosamine provides a building block for manufacture of the components in normal joint cartilage

Glucosamine has been shown to improve joint mobility and reduce signs of joint damage in a number of species

Analysis Per 25g Daily Dose

Glucosamine 12000mg

MSM 5000mg

Copper (Chelate) 30mg

Zinc (Chelate) 200mg

Manganese (Chelate) 100mg

Selenium 1mg

Vitamin E 1000mg

Vitamin C 2000mg


25g per horse / per day

Formulated and manufactured in Australia

100% Western Australian owned and operated