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Ant Killa – Protection for Australian Homes

A highly effective product that kills ants and provides barrier protection to control ants outside before they get inside your home. Richgro helps you stay comfortable and insect free while you’re enjoying your garden. Keep ants where they belong; Ant Killa means no more uninvited guests in your home.

Functioning as a contact stomach poison, Ant Killa is toxic to a range of species including Black Ants, Coastal brown ants, Funnel ants, Meat ants, Sugar ants and Stinging ants, providing broad-spectrum control for homes of any size. Working as a barrier, it’s far more effective than topical control methods, ensuring that you have strong, residual deterrence for ants wherever you are.

More effective than most ant killer sprays, our granulated ant killer products help you create a protected barrier around your home and outdoor entertainment areas. No more ants at the barbecue; just scatter where ants are active and in areas where they could hide such as in gaps, cracks and crevices in foundations and pavers, as well as around garden areas. Can even be used directly on ant’s nests for maximum control. Don’t be afraid to add a little water and wash the product into the gaps and crevices ants love to hide.

You may notice ant activity for up to two days after application. This is normal and is merely the time it takes for Ant Killa to take effect. If you continue to see activity beyond this point, consider reapplying.

Keeping your home ant-free means a more hygienic, comfortable time for you, your family and your guests. Ants are tenacious and can set up anywhere, so create a barrier around your property that they can’t cross with help from Richgro’s Australian-made range of ant killer products.

For outdoor use only.