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Long Lasting Controlled Release
Suitable for Saline Soils
Biologically Activated
Eco-Prime PhosPot is a premium, biologically enhanced soft-rock Phosphate (SRP), Potassium and complete trace fertiliser suitable for use in both conventional and organic farming systems.

Eco-Prime PhosPot supplies balanced nutrition without Nitrogen (N). This makes it ideal for plants requiring low N such as red apples, pastures and legume crops. Eco-Prime PhosPot is a low salt index fertiliser and contains Phosphorus (P) in a natural non leaching form. This enhances its suitability for use in saline and coastal environments, including areas with sensitivity to P leaching. Eco-Prime PhosPot is also suited to highly acidic / aluminium rich soils, where it can provide additional buffering.

For best results, apply Phospot with Humus 400 and Eco-Vital, especially in high pH soils.