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Boosts the uptake of all other nutrients
Provides balanced micronutrients & Nitrogen
Highly available complexed trace elements improve crop health
Suitable for both soil and foliar applications
Eco Growth Express TE is a well balanced liquid trace element fertiliser that replenishes crops with fundamental nutrients that are vital for healthy growth. Trace elements are combined with Nitrogen, Magnesium and Sulphur to increase uptake.

Trace elements are critical for optimal plant growth, providing the plant with the ability to adapt to deficient and excessive soil conditions. Trace element nutrients are needed in very small amounts for plant health.

Express TE is rapidly absorbed through both leaves and roots, correcting a range of micronutrient deficiencies.

Crop/Plant Type Rate Min. Dilution Timing
Tree Crops
(Pome, Stone, Nuts, 3-5L/ha foliar
Mangoes, Avocados) 5-10L/ha soil 1:150 Apply prior to flowering. Repeat as required.

Vines 3-5L/ha foliar
Wine Table 5-8L/ha soil 1:150 Apply initial application to foliage early to lift fruit quality. Apply prior to flowering.

Vegetables 2-4L/ha foliar Apply when leaf area is sufficient to
4-8L/ha soil 1:150 accept spray.
Turf 10-15L/ha 1:75 Apply as required. Approximately 100- 150ml/100m2

Broadacre & Pasture 2-5 L/ha foliar
4-8 L/ha soil 1:25 Min Early foliar application ideal for maintaining
Up to 1:75 maintaicrop potential in cold conditions.