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After spotting an ant trail, hit the ant nest where it hurts with easy-to-use, mess-free ant control baits. Featuring two different attractant sections — sugar and protein — the baits enable you to control a variety of brown and black ants.

Once the ant takes the bait, it carries the ant poison back to the nest, where it wipes out the queen and the remainder of the nest.

Product Benefits

The eradication of the whole ant colony with simple and strategic bait placing.

Where to use

Ants are known to trail along structural edges, ledges and corners, so place baits in their path if you can or close to the nest if you’ve located it. If in doubt, place the baits where the ant trail enters your home, usually through a windowsill or a crack in the wall.

How to use:

1. Eliminate alternative food sources.

2. Separate baits and place in the path of ant trails.

3. Two separate sugar and protein formulas attract and effectively control common household black and brown ants.

4. Ants feed from bait. Ant numbers may increase around bait at first but will start to die within a week

5. Contaminated ants will carry bait back to nest.

6. Kills the queen, kills the Nest.

Check baits regularly, and move if necessary, to follow ant trails. Replace baits after 1 month.