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Virbac Rapigel is a clear gel that may help to reduce inflammation and swelling in joints and tendons and relieve muscle soreness due to over-exertion, fatigue or bruising. Contains an analgesic effect to provide relief from joint and muscle soreness. Also provides a "counter irritant" and "cooling effect" to improve circulation.

Gel for pain or soreness associated with muscle, tendon and joint injuries
Ideal for pets with joint inflammation or muscle pain, particularly dogs and horses
Extremely beneficial for pets undergoing training as it assists in warmup and preventing injuries
Great to use as an aid in recovery from hard exercise during training and racing
100% non-toxic and safe to use
Active ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol 350 mg/g, Menthol 20 mg/g, Camphor 6.25 mg/g.

Directions For Use
Use at full strength and apply liberally to the affected area
Rub in gently both prior to and after exercise workout
Requires no mixing or application device
It will not disperse from the areas where it is needed and will leave no sticky or hard to remove residue
Ideal to combine with massage for a more intense effect to promote more rapid healing
Muscles will particularly benefit from massage due to the relaxation of muscle spasms and muscle fibres
It is recommended to seek veterinarian advice before using this product. If pain or swelling persists, seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Caution: Not currently registered to use in cats.