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High flow are used in the floor system (80-90 cubic cm/minute)


There are two styles of action: up/down (vertical nipples) or 360 degree multidirectional
Vertical nipples (up/down) is usually used for adult birds (layer-breeder) - Vertical nipple are not recommended for chicks
360 degree multidirectional are usually used from chicks till the end of for broiler or (rearing layer and breeder)

The nipples and nipple cups require a low pressure system to operate. They will not operate when connected into a direct mains pressurised water system.
Nipples can be screwed into a hose line, T piece or as replacement nipples in nipple water cup.
We recommend the use of the below Water Tanks to establish your in line system
The extensions are used to vary the position of the nipples or the nipple water cups
In one pen you may require some to be placed low for the chickens and some to be placed higher for their parents or larger fowl


All nipples are manufactured by Lubing Germany
Each of the Lubing Nipples are individually factory tested to ensure 100% quality standards