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Active Constituent: 0.05g/kg Bromadiolone
Contains Denatonium Benzoate (Bittering Agent)

World's leading rodenticide. The safest single feed bait on the market today. Contains 18-21 food grade additives for increased palatability to rodents. Low wax content also helps maintain the integrity of the well known cog-shaped block and increases feeding habit.

A fresh tasting, highly compressed bait that holds up well, particularly in adverse or moist conditions
Tomcat has superior palatability, rodent acceptance and therefore control, including control of Warfarin-resistant rodents
Tomcat baits satisfy a rodent's desire to gnaw
Rats and mice can consume a lethal dose of Tomcat (green) bait in just one feeding
Lethal dose is only 36 mg
Less toxic to non-target animals, in both primary and secondary poisoning situations, than other single-feeding anticoagulants that are available
Areas of Use: In and around domestic, commercial and public buildings