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Di-Vetelact OriginalDV Low Lactose Milk Supplement For Animals is a delicious milk replacer for infant animals and a premium protein nutritional supplement, fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure the best health for animals.

It is scientifically formulated with the optimum crude ratios of fatty acids, important amino acids and 13 high quality vitamins and 12 minerals to ensure sustained growth, development and vitality of animals from infancy through to senior years.

Key Features
A powdered milk replacement, suitable for rearing all types of animals.
Highly palatable, delicious and easily digestible.
Provides a nourishing whole food for animals at any stage of life.
Helps promote growth and development of animals during infancy.
The formula is designed to simulate mammal milk composition produced in ideal circumstances.
As a milk replacer Di-Vetelact OriginalDV fulfils the vital nutritional requirements of newborn animals that have been rejected, orphaned or early weaned. It can also be fed to a litter In addition to mothers milk if supply is lacking.

As a nutritional supplement Di-Vetelact OriginalDV supplies beneficial nutrients to sustain the ongoing nutritional needs of your pet for ongoing growth and development.

Di-Vetelact OriginalDV supplies calming, stabilising and nurturing nutrients beneficial for entering a new environment, travel, and training. It supports good health, and thus the development of a good temperament in your pet.

Recommended for show animals as a nutritional supplement, Di-Vetelact OriginalDV supplies sulphur containing amino acids, cysteine and methionine, producing a glossy and luscious coat. It contains tryptophan and tyrosine to assist in calming and focus whilst performing.

For older animals, this supplement can be used either in powder or liquid form. It supports ageing animals with its protective antioxidants and amino acid protein building blocks. These ensure continued muscle development, repair and maintenance. Its’ anti-inflammatory properties also provide a continued supply of vital nutrients to promote health and wellbeing.

Packed with nutrients to maintain your pet's overall health and help them recover from illness. Contains all the essential amino acids necessary for tissue repair and healing when animals have been through an operation or illness. It provides beneficial vitamins and minerals for recuperation.

Directions For Use

Making up milk:
Use the scoop enclosed and add 1 scoop (9grams) to 60mL of warm water

For 1L, add 135g (15 scoops) to 900mL water and follow mixing directions:

Sterilise all feeding bottles, teats and utensils with infant sterilising solution or by boiling
Boil clean drinkable water and allow it to cool to about 50 degrees Celsius – this temperature should feel hot to the skin without discomfort
For a small number of animals, it is best to make up individual bottles. Feed or refrigerate immediately. Always shake the bottle immediately before feeding
For large numbers, make up the formula in a jug and stir vigorously for several minutes
It is best to pour the required amount of formula into the feeding bottles as soon as possible and refrigerate the remainder immediately
Before the formula is transferred to the bottles, the jug should be stirred vigorously

Serving as Powder:
Sprinkle approximately 1 scoop of Di-Vetelact for each 10kg of body weight over daily feed and ensure plenty of drinking water is available
1 scoop = 9 grams of powder

Di-Vetelact special low lactose dairy blend, dried vegetable oils (vegetable oils, glucose solids, lecithin and emulsifiers, mixed tocopherols), taurine

Nutritional Analysis: Protein 24%, Lactose 3%, Carbohydrate 37%, Fat 30%.

Minerals (per 9g scoop): Calcium 1620mg, Phosphorus 945mg, Sodium 250mg, Chloride 900mg, Potassium 900mg, Iron 9mg, Zinc 7mg, Iodine 140ug, Manganese 950ug, Copper 600ug, Magnesium 100ug, Selenium 19ug.

Vitamins (per 9g scoop): Vitamin A 600ug, Vitamin B1 1mg, Vitamin B2 1.2mg, Niacin 11mg, Vitamin B6 0.7mg, Folate 120ug, Vitamin B12 3ug, Vitamin C 50mg, Vitamin D 7ug, Vitamin E 13mg, Biotin 14mg, Pantothenate 4mg, Vitamin K1 60ug, Taurine 40mg.

Energy Content:
Prepared solution 1 Litre (135g with 900mL water): 2840kJ
Per 100g: 2100kJ
Per 1 scoop (9 grams): 189.3kJ

Quality Assurance
Di-Vetelact OriginalDV is manufactured in an HACCP and APVMA certified facility using world-class manufacturing technology and equipment.
Di-Vetelact OriginalDV is made with premium food grade ingredients sourced locally. All our premium dairy ingredients come from Australian and New Zealand dairy farms.
Di-Vetelact OriginalDV is formulated by a world leader in infant formula and medical food products. The manufacturer guarantees all vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids are prepared in the correct ratios and quantities for the best health of your animal.