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CHILL OUT POWDER is carefully formulated by our experienced team of vets and nutritionists to assist with horses suffering from nervousness, anxiety, or general stress. Featuring a blend of thiamine, tryptophan, magnesium and vitamin E, CHILL OUT POWDER provides horses with the correct ratio of vitamins and minerals needed to help boost brain function and behaviour.

Thiamine: Assists with the transmission of nerves, and is highly effective with horses sustained on a high-grain diet. Thiamine is commonly found in calming supplements, and is widely known as a calming vitamin.

Tryptophan: Converts into serotonin (helps horses to feel calmer) and is universally used in calming supplements for a wide range of animals. Tryptophan is generally lacking in Australian feeds.
Magnesium: Well known by horse trainers as an effective calming mineral. Magnesium assists with the function of the nervous system. CHILL OUT POWDER uses fine high-grade powdered magnesium oxide.
Vitamin E: Powerful antioxidant that plays a key role in maintaining the function of nervous system.

CHILL OUT POWDER has been on the market now for over five years and has earned a distinguished reputation for being an extremely effective, well formulated product available at a considerably reasonable price.


May assist horses suffering from stress, anxiety, and nervousness,
Great for competition, training, and travel,
Palatable formula with no added flavours or preservatives,
Cost effective with outstanding customer feedback.


(Dosage rate based on a 500kg horse. Adjust dosage if required.)

CHILL OUT POWDER can be fed daily, or just in the lead up to a stressful event or competition.

Recommended daily dose between 15-30g, split between morning and night feeds.
30-60g can be fed the night before travel or competition.


Active Ingredients

Per kg

Tryptophan 35g

Thiamine (b1) 35g

Magnesium Oxide 280g

Vitamin E 35g