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Comprehensive Supplement for the Health and Development of Growing and Breeding Horses
Cell-Grow has been scientifically formulated by Kohnke's Own to support the very specific nutritional needs of both young horses as well as broodmares.

The specially balanced supplement contains the bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins fundamental to the growth of strong bones, joints and tendons in weanlings and yearlings while helping avoid developmental problems.

Cell-Grow is also designed to support the mare, especially during late pregnancy when the unborn foal requires more nutrients for foetal development and during lactation when the mare’s nutritional needs are greatly increased due to milk production.

Our Concept for Cell-Grow
We have been supporting the needs of breeders for many years, from hobby farms to commercial studs. The formulation of Cell-Grow incorporates nutrients that are scientifically proven to help reduce the risk of developmental problems in foals such as DOD, bent legs, osteochondrosis (OCD), joint swelling (physitis and epiphysitis) and other bone and joint issues which commonly cause soundness issues in young horses.