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Bone-Mineral, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Adult and Senior Pleasure Horses, Ponies and Miniatures
Cell-Provide is the ideal supplement to make up shortfalls in the diet, ensuring your horse is receiving the essential nutrients required daily for optimum health and well-being.

Containing a comprehensive range of bone minerals, trace minerals and vitamins, Cell-Provide is particularly beneficial to horses with a predominantly pasture or hay-based diet, horses and ponies in light or intermittent work and resting, retired or aged horses.

Cell-Provide balances a diet where nutritional deficiencies exist without adding energy or sugar.

Our Concept for Cell-Provide

Cell-Provide was designed for Australian conditions which commonly have nutrient-deficient soils. Cell-Provide includes a balanced level of important nutrients such as selenium (as fully organic chelated selenomethionine), copper, zinc, chromium, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

A highly economical supplement with flexible dose rates for all breeds and sizes, Cell-Provide will ensure your horse's general needs for micronutrients are met each day, without adding energy or sugar. It is a great balancing supplement when used in conjunction with Kohnke's Own TRIM in horses and ponies which are overweight, or at risk of laminitis. Cell-Provide is particularly beneficial to aged horses and ponies as the top-quality range of bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins are included as highly bioavailable forms, to ensure optimum nutrient intake even in senior horses with poor teeth or loss of condition and vitality.

Cell-Provide is highly palatable and can even be fed 'off the hand' for horses or ponies consuming only grass or hay!

Which Horses Benefit?
Resting or lightly worked horses, ponies and miniatures
Pony club horses and ponies
Lightly worked show horses and ponies
Senior and aged horses and ponies including those with poor teeth or loss of condition.

Major Ingredients
Cell-Provide is scientifically formulated to contain a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals and trace-minerals which are essential for horse health, vitality and wellbeing. The formulation is regularly updated to the latest guidelines for optimum nutrition in all types of resting and lightly worked horses and ponies.
Blend of cold-pressed, colour coded Supplet pellets separated into 3 compatible nutrient groups which ensures the potency and stability of the vitamins and trace-minerals in the supplement and in the feed.
A range of bone minerals, including calcium, phosphorus and magnesium
Chelated and inorganic forms of major trace-minerals for optimum bioavailability
Fully organic chelated selenium and chromium
All essential vitamins and vitamin co-factors for good general health and vitality
Does not provide extra energy, sugar or cause 'fizz', even in sensitive horses
Pelleted and palatable supplement which mixes easily into all types of feeds (wet or dry). Reduces wastage from dust, sift-out, sludging and blow away from feeders.