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Concentrated Mineral, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Donkeys
Donkey Supreme is scientifically formulated as a comprehensive supplement to optimise the health and vitality of breeding, growing, working and aged donkeys.

For grazing donkeys who do not have full access to a wide variety of plants to selectively browse, Donkey Supreme is ideal to ensure they are receiving the major minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins that may be low or inadequate in their diet.

Our Concept for Donkey Supreme
Working, growing and breeding donkeys require a higher intake of bone minerals and other nutrients.

While donkeys can naturally supplement their diets by browsing on bark and the inner succulent layers of trees and bushes, this can cause severe damage to shade and other trees.

Donkey Supreme is a comprehensive and easy way to help improve overall health, vitality, growth rate and fertility, in a tasty pelleted form that can be hand fed as a daily treat or included in a feed.