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Natural Supplement for Stomach Irritation and Gastric Health
Gastric ulcers (EGUS), or even mild gastric irritation can make horses sensitive in the stomach, girthy, reluctant to go forward or a picky eater. Gastric ulcers are a problem in 60-90% of horses in training and competition.
Kohnke's Own Gastro-Coat is a natural, helpful supplement for gastric issues, with multiple actions in the stomach and small intestine to help horses feel more comfortable, improving digestive health and maintaining appetite.

Many vets prescribe omeprazole-based drugs when horses show symptoms of EGUS. Gastro-Coat is highly complementary to EGUS medications with different but synergistic actions. Gastro-Coat is also much more economical and can be used long-term without ill-effects.

Which Horses Benefit?
Horses suffering from EGUS (gastric ulcers) in combination with medications.
All horses to improve salivation, stomach acid balance and chewing efficiency.
Before travelling and during the journey on long-distance trips.
Horses training and competing in racing and equestrian sports to shield the stomach lining against acid ‘splash’.
Horses predisposed to stomach lining irritation, girthiness, reluctance to go forward, especially in canter, horses which are 'sensitive to the leg' when ridden.
Can be used long term without negative effects in horses with gastric sensitivity, or those likely to develop gastric ulcers, such as horses competing or racing regularly.

Major Ingredients
Gastro-Coat contains ingredients that naturally present in the diet of horses, but are destroyed by heat processing commonly used to make commercial prepared feed mixes. These natural compounds may be low or inadequate in the modern diet of horses in training, racing or competition.
Natural mucilage compounds and phospholipids
Synergistic ingredients including yeast extracts
Does not contain soy, wheat products or fillers
Sticky powder with a palatable vanilla milk flavour