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AllFibre is a palatable, low NSC roughage cube designed to be fed to horses as a fibre supplement or as a partial hay or chaff replacement. It is a convenient, easy-to-handle form of roughage that eliminates wastage and storage issues.

AllFibre is a convenient, low starch pelleted form of roughage. It contains fibre as a highly digestible energy source and is designed to provide protein and energy levels similar to hay, whilst maintaining a low NSC content.
AllFibre can be used to provide additional fibre-based energy, without the heating effects of grains. It is ideal for aged horses or those that have trouble chewing hay and can be soaked for easier intake.
AllFibre is also great for weight gain as it can be used where an increased volume of roughage intake is required.

A convenient, low starch/NSC, easy-to-handle fibre supplement
A high fibre, easily digested feed that provides fibre-based energy, without the heating effects of grains
Provides an ideal roughage source for aged horses or those that have trouble chewing hay. Can be soaked for easier intake
Contains ‘super-fibres’ to contribute digestible energy whilst maintaining a lower NSC content
Suitable for horses prone to laminitis and metabolic disorders
Great for weight gain. AllFibre can be used for weight gain where an increased volume of roughage intake is required
AllFibre can be easily mixed with any other AllHorse or Pegasus feeds, grains or concentrates as part of the hard feed
Can be soaked and offered as a wet mix to aid hydration during travel and competition
Supplies a convenient, alternative roughage source for those horses that will not eat the desired amount of hay, or for travel diets
Steam-processed and pelleted to reduce dust and improve digestibility
Made in WA, for WA conditions, from quality, locally sourced roughages and manufactured to high quality assurance standards

Feeding recommendations
EasyWay (kg) 1-7kg 2-8kg 3-9kg
The above table is a guide only and the amount fed should be adjusted according to the horse’s age, temperament, condition, bodyweight and exercise. The amount fed should be divided into at least two feeds daily.
AllFibre is a roughage cube designed to be fed as a fibre supplement. It is designed to be combined with a complete feed, such as any of the AllHorse or Pegasus range, or vitamin and mineral supplement.
Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.

AllFibre contains a wholesome blend of :
Cereal fibre, cereal byproducts, lupins, lupin hulls, barley, molasses, minerals.