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Vege Layer Crumble
Vege Layer is a nutritionally balanced pellet designed to be fed to layers where vegetarian eggs are desired. This feed contains no material of animal origin.

Features Benefits
Nutritionally balanced ration > Meets the energy, protein, vitamin and mineral requirements for optimal egg production
Contains no material of animal origin > Suitable for vegetarian egg production
High quality protein > Vegetable based hamlet protein inclusion provides birds with an optimal amino acid balance supporting rapid growth
Nutrient dense feed > Optimises feed conversion and digestibility to minimise feed cost per
dozen eggs
Optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio > Ensures sound shell quality and hardness requirements
Quality assured vitamin/trace > Provides the optimal balance of vitamins and minerals to meet laying bird nutritional requirements
Crumbled feed > Prevents selective feeding, reduces dust/ wastage and reduces risk of bacterial contamination
Enzyme inclusion > High quality phyate enzyme helps improve nutrient bioavailability and
digestibility, which helps minimise wet litter
No ingredient separation > Even nutrient blend received by each bird
Raw material receival standards > High quality and safety of ingredients for quality assurance
Least cost formulation > Better value for your feed dollar

Nutritional Analysis
Nutrients As fed basis
Crude Protein (min) 15.0%
Metabolisable Energy (min) 2500 kcal/kg
Crude Fibre 6.0%
Added Salt (max) 0.4%
Calcium (min) 3.5%

Ingredient Selection
Cereal grains, vegetable protein meals, cereal byproducts, oil seed meals, lupins, minerals, amino acids, vitamin/mineral premix.

Feeding Directions
Vege Layer should be fed ad lib from about 17 weeks of age (1-2 weeks before point of lay) through to the end of lay. Birds can be expected to eat about 120 g/day depending on hen type, weight, farming conditions and phase of laying. This feed is also suitable for other backyard laying birds such as ducks, turkeys and quails.