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Omya Calciprill is a 2-6 mm granule which is easily spread with a standard fertilizer.

Omya Calciprill can be applied to established pastures or crops at any time and is ideal for rapid pH adjustment. The granule is made from very finely ground high purity Calcium Carbonate.

Omya Calciprill is highly reactive and equally effective at rates 80-90% lower than required by standard aglime. This makes Omya Calciprill extra suitable e.g. when growing vegetables when you want fast and immediate effect.

Advantages of Omya Calciprill

Granules breaks down rapidly in dew and rain
The lime reacts directly in the seedbed and 100% during the spreading year
Rapid pH improvement means rapid crop response
Easy to use with your own spreader and allows a more flexible operation
Useful in precision agriculture
Excellent source of calcium, an essential nutrient in plant cell structure