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Profelac Shepherd is Australia's leading milk replacer specifically formulated for lamb-kid-cria rearing systems to provide orphaned newborns the start of a lifetime.

Profelac Shepherd has been blended from selected ingredients to offer easy-to-mix, highly digestible milk feed ideal for rearing infant farms animals.

Profelac Shepherd is suitable for rearing lambs, kids, crias, pups, fawns, piglets, foals, ponies, calves, other farm animals and as a supplement to the diet of adult dogs. Easy-mix technology and milk-soluble innovation ensures consistent premium quality and value for money.

- Australia’s #1 selling lamb-kid-cria milk replacer
- Contains Celmanax to bind Cryptosporidia, E. coli, Salmonella and reduce faecal shedding
- Suitable for rearing all farm animals
- Australia’s leading Lamb-Kid-Cria (Alpaca) milk replacer
- Pack sizes to suit commercial and hobby farmers
- Easy mixing formula