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Richgro Beat-A-Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray is made of natural ingredients and is suitable for use of all around the garden and in vegetable gardens.

Our natural insect spray kills and repels all your garden insect pests including ants, aphids, caterpillars, cockroaches, earwigs, leafhoppers, whitefly and thrips. An effective bug spray, it also gives your plants a boost of natural nutrients at the site of pest attack for improved resistance.

An effective and natural way to control everything from earwigs to aphids, simply spray on your crops at least one day before harvest for effective protection from all kinds of pests. Simply spray the plant, covering all surfaces and re-apply when necessary (roughly between two and three weeks). Edible plants will be ready for picking in 24 hours, making it ideal for both private veggie patches and commercial farming operations.

It’s two in one operation kills pest on contact within five hours of application, and provides long-lasting insect repellence, ensuring that even if you’re already battling with pests, you won’t be for much longer. The fish fertiliser augments your existing fertilising program, giving plants a quick boost to protect against pest attacks. Protect and strengthen your plants with help from Beat-A-Bug and Richgro.

Natural garlic and chilli
With organic plant food
Safe to use on edible crops
Ready-to-use formula – Actives: 7.5g/L Garlic, 2g/L Chilli, 0.3g/L Pyrethrins, 1.2g/L Piperonyl Butoxide

Concentrate formula – Actives: 150g/L Garlic, 40g/L Chilli, 4g/L Pyrethrins, 16g/L Piperonyl Butoxide

Ready-to-Use Formula:

Plants to feed and pest to treat:

PLANTS: Flowering plants Vegetables Ornamentals Fruit trees

PESTS: Ants, Aphids (rose, cabbage and others) Cabbage moth, caterpillars, earwigs, white fly, thrip, leap, leafhoppers and other pests

HOW TO USE: Shake well. Spray plant thoroughly covering all plant surfaces, including underside of leaves Re-apply when necessary (as a guide, every 2-3 weeks)

WITHHOLDING PERIOD: Do not pick edible plants for one day after spraying. Wash plant thoroughly before eating.