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Bute All is a natural herbal formula that aids in relieving:
- Joints
- Shins
- Muscles
- Hoofs
- Stress/nervousness

Bute All can be administered before and after strenuous exercise.

The Power of the Active Ingredients in Bute All (This product does not contain Phenylbutazone)

Is a plant in the ginger family that has been used to provide health benefits for thousands of years. Its main active substance, curcumin, has been found to exert beneficial effects on many areas of the body, such as joints, the respiratory system, immunity, and for supporting a normal response to inflammation.

Passiflora incarnate:
(Passion Flower) is an herb with gentle sedative properties producing a relaxing effect. It has been shown to be a good alternative for animals who respond unfavourably to valerian.

Is a herb which contains a flavonoid compound that helps to relieve nervous tension related to pain or trauma. Unlike other herbal sedatives, skullcap does not bring about drowsiness nor dull the reflexes or interfere with motor coordination. Instead, skullcap acts to moderate an animal's responsiveness to physical or nonphysical stimuli and helps alleviate general restlessness.

Has been investigated as an alternative therapy for arthritis in scientific studies. This is due to Celery's proposed anti-inflammatory properties, which may reduce swelling and pain around the joints.

Feed Rate (per day)
Paste: 8ml mixed into feed 1-2 times per day