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The sprinkler VYR-60 is a sectorial agricultural sprayer made of brass and has 3/4" male connection. Its axis and springs are made of stainless steel, and their O-rings and washers in stainless steel Teflon and special polycarbonate to withstand contact with the most aggressive fertilizers in the market.

This sprinkler is designed to work under a flow range between 800 and 3300 l / h, at pressures between 1.75 and 5 BAR and cover a range of between 12 and 19 meters in diameter. The sprinkler VYR-60 can work with one or two nozzles; The main nozzle has 24 degrees of inclination from the horizontal plane and the secondary 12. Their average time of rotation comes to be approximately 30 sec. / 360 (3 BAR, 4.40 x2, 40 mm).

For optimum uniformity coefficient, our technicians recommend the use of the sprinkler heads with a spacing between lines and 8x8 meters to 16x16 meters on rectangular frames and 8x8 meters to 19x19 meters on triangular frames.

Vyrsa 60-BRASS
20mm (3/4") Male Thread
4.4mm x 2.4mm Nozzle

Vyrsa 60 Brass Impact Sprinkler (4.4mm x 2.4mm Dual Nozzle)
Material Brass
Colour Brass
Min. Flow Output (Lpm) 20.8
Max. Flow Output (Lpm) 32.5
Min. Recommended Pressure (kPa) 320
Max. Recommended Pressure (kPa) 420
Min. Spray Radius (m) 14.5
Max. Spray Radius (m) 16