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The impact sprinkler VYR VL-70 is an agricultural full-circle model with 1" male connection. It's made of brass and stainless steel,and O-rings and washers, polyurethane and teflon of high quality.
This model" VL" has a long arm with attack on the main nozzle (long radius). Nozzle angles are 26 degrees to the main gunship (long radius) and 26 ° for the gunboat secondary (short radius).
The VYR VL-70 is used in full coverage irrigation with medium-high flow. His great mechanical and hydraulic design provides very important energy savings and optimal coverage ratio in its distribution.

Range distance: 13.5 - 27 m.
Flow: 2000 - 9400 l/h.
Working pressure: 2.75 - 6 bar.
Area: Full circle.
Nozzles: Two nozzles: one main nozzle and a secondary nozzle.
Trajectory angles: 26º and 26º.
Maximum stream height: 3.0 m.
Rotation time: Depending on the pressure and the nozzles, the rotation will be constant and continuous.
Uniformity coefficient higher than 90% in areas of 20x20R, 22x22T, 22x24T.

Agricultural impact sprinkler with medium-high flow.
1" male or female connection.
Made of brass and stainless steel.
High-resistance rotating joints.
Nozzle angles of 26º and 26º.
Special design for long reach.
Used in full coverage irrigation with medium-high flow.

Height: 20 cm.
Width: 25 cm.
Weight: 870 gr.
Units per box: 25
Weight per box: 22 kg.

Nozzles (4.4mm x 2.4mm Dual Nozzle)