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The Stockbrands Plastic Drinking Bowl is the ideal solution for the constant supply of water to large or smaller animals, aviaries and poultry farms. Proven reliable and Australian made, this plastic bowl is ideal for reducing animal injuries in pens or yards.

The float cover is bolted down and swings open. The bowl is very strong and is UV stabilised. No problem with frost. Drain incorporated. All parts available. There are mount holes in the rear.

15mm water fittings, and suitable water pressure up to about 50psi.

Most of the livestock water bowls are designed to slope forward when mounted on a vertical surface. This is to cause the water to run to the front to be used by stock, reducing possible stagnating. The float angle should be adjusted so water fills nearly to overflow at the front edge of the bowl.

Capacity: 3 litres.

Dimensions: 25cm L x 25cm W x 13cm D.

Replacement float assembly available. See separate entry.