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Product Details:
FUSILADE FORTE provides powerful, post-emergent control of many annual grasses and certain perennial grasses in dozens of horticultural crops, ornamentals and nursery trees. It features a highly flexible application window and a high level of crop safety

Mixing and spraying
Add the required amount of product directly to the spray tank which should be 50 to 75% full. The agitation system should be running during mixing and spraying. If agitation ceases and settlement occurs, agitate thoroughly before spraying. The addition of an adjuvant is not necessary. Good spray coverage is essential for maximum results. Spray equipment must be checked and calibrated accurately prior to application.

Water volume
Boom Spraying: Water volumes per hectare will depend on nozzle selection and should be in the range of 50 to 100 L/ha. Aerial Aplplication: Apply in not less than 30 L/ha.
Fusilade Forte

APVMA Product No.: 58521
Composition: 128 g/LFluazifop-P
Activity Group: Group A Herbicide
Formulation: Emulsifiable Concentrate | EC