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The 24/7 HPM digital timer is designed to turn ON & OFF electrical devices such as lamps, seasonal lighting and heaters for a preset period of time through easy and accurate programming functions.

Slim design: Fit two timers side by side on one powerpoint.
Program up to 16 “ON” and “OFF” switching times per day.
24/7 Settings: set your timer on different hours and/or days of the week.
To-the-minute programming accuracy..
Home-Safe mode: randomly delays the start and finish times of your programmed settings by 4 - 32minutes. This helps provide added security to your
home by creating an unprodictable pattern for lighting when you are away.
Easy Summer time setting: change the clock to daylight saving time with a push of the button.
Internal rechargeable battery back up so you won't lose your settings in a power failure.
Easy programming: detailed instructions provided.