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Equivac 2in1 Vaccine is the worlds first combined tetanus and strangles vaccine. The vaccine consists of a combination of the inactivated toxin of Clostridium tetani and the cell-free extract of Streptococcus equi organisms

Equivac 2in1 Vaccine is used in the prevention of tetanus and in the control of strangles due to Streptococcus equi.

World's first combined tetanus and strangles vaccine
Convenient owner-administered protection of horses against two serious diseases
Convenient single dose syringe presentation

Equivac 2in1 Vaccine comes in a prefilled single dose syringe

Vaccination program for Horses* SEE INSTRUCTION IN PACKET

*Unvaccinated adult horses (or horses whose vaccination record is unknown) should receive three initial vaccinations, followed by yearly boosters. 6-monthly boosters may be considered in high risk situations.

Vaccination against tetanus and strangles should be included as part of every horse's vaccination program.
The Equivac range of vaccines is available from your veterinarian or most saddleries and feed stores.
A rest day is recommended after vaccination
Store at 2 Degrees-8 Degrees C (refrigerate)