Variants Available:

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The SJ range is designed with a jet & venturi which is particularly good at purging air from the casing making it ideal for installations with long suction lines or a suction height. Precision moulded glass filled nylon internals increase the efficiency of the pump by reducing water turbulence.

The Stainless Steel casing has been reinforced and has rounded edges for extra strength. Eight bolts hold the casing to the motor frame so that the pressure from the pump is evenly distributed and the casing does not crack.

Pump Features:

Stainless Steel casing & shaft
High grade Nylon pump internals
TEFC water & vermin resistant motor
Heavy duty motor voltage range
Cast iron bearing end shield
Plug & Play electrical lead
Corrosion resistant base
Inbuilt motor temperature protection
Raised suction port for air purging
Pump Benefits:

Ideal water transfer for garden, farm
Excellent suction & priming
Replaceable parts
Non-corrosive materials
Potable water compliant
Wide motor voltage range

Please contact the store for pump specifications and advice on what pump is suitable for your application.