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BQ Mulch
Not for Livestock Grazing
Designed for a total crop incorporation to maximise biofumigation potential
Developed to suppress white rot, silver scurf, verticullium wilt, 1st instar white fringed weevil and Aphanomyces root rot

This blend is selected for the highest levels of specific biofumigant compounds with high green matter production. It is designed for total crop incorporation into the soil to maximise biofumigation potential.

Biofumigation products are specialised crops that have been developed to naturally suppress the harmful effects of certain soil borne pests and diseases, which can cost the Australian farmer. These losses can be in the form of reduced yield, lower quality produce or even total loss of crop.

Management of the bioqure crop is critical in gaining the best results and return on investment. Timing of cutting and mulching of the brassica crop and then the timeframe of incorporating the mulched crop into the soil are all very important. If the time delay is too great, the compounds are lost and the effects on the targeted pests and diseases is low.

Sowing Guide
Sowing rate should be 8-10kg/ha
Sow at any time of year
Sowing at higher rates may offer the benefit of suppressing weed growth
Allow 4-6 weeks of breakdown prior to planting the next crop

Minimum 650mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated