Instore Item

Kiln Dried Pine Sawdust of less than 0.6mm in thickness and varying lengths up to 15mm. The sawdust is dust-reduced and packed in 25 litre 100um x 600mm x 450mm, heat sealed Plastic bags with labels and barcodes affixed.

Timber Source:

Non chemically treated plantation softwood (Pinus Radiata) from managed forests certified to the Australian Forestry Standard AS 4708 and globally recognised by PEFC. Chain of Custody certified to minimum 70% AFS and certified in compliance with Australian Standard 4707:2006 delivered to our warehouse in Midvale from plantations in Bell Bay Tasmania or Dardanup Western Australia.

Kiln Drying of Timber:

Heat treated in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme with a core temperature greater than 56 degrees Centigrade and for a duration of not less than 30 minutes.