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Baileys Soil Improver Plus is a mature organic compost designed to build up soil structure and improve soil fertility. When added to existing garden soils it provides the essential organic carbon needed for microbial life and improves the soil's capacity to retain water and nutrients. Use when adding new plants to any garden or raised bed.

Western Australian designed and made product. Manufactured to Australian Standards 4454.
Smart Approved and Waterwise Approved.
Improves soil structure, drainage, water and nutrient holding capacity. Reducing your water and fertiliser requirements.
Contains organic nutrient to boost soil fertility.
Contains Grosorb Wetting Agent for soil wettability.
Increases and encourages beneficial soil microbiology and root growth.
pH stabilised at the time of manufacture.

Use Baileys Soil Improver Plus when preparing all soil types for new plantings. Distribute 150mm evenly over the surface, dig in and water well. For best results, prepare soils 2-4 weeks before planting.

For shrub and tree planting, dig the planting hole twice as large as the plants root ball and blend existing soil backfill on a 50:50 ratio with Baileys Soil Improver Plus.