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Baileys Veg & Herb Premium Planting Mix is a quality growing media designed to produce abundant and healthy plant growth, flowers and fruit.

This professional blend of organic ingredients plus added controlled-release fertiliser has a structure and range of nutrients chosen to nurture seedlings during establishment and ensure a lush harvest.

Fully composted - It’s stable and won't strip nutrients from your plants to facilitate the breakdown of immature organic material. The composting process also ensures no weed seeds or plant pathogens can live in the soil.
Contains GAL-Xe controlled-release fertiliser. Two types of controlled release fertilisers particularly suited to crop production have been added to this mix. GAL-Xe offers the latest in controlled-release fertiliser technology. This nursery grade product ensures the perfect balance of nutrients and release longevity for optimal growth and cropping.
Contains all plant required trace minerals for healthy growth, nutrient-dense food and disease resistance.
Contains added Silica, to strengthen plant cell walls, improve pest and disease resistance and crop shelf life.
Contains Grosorb Wetting Agent, to ensure wettability, even moisture penetration and drainage.
Has optimal air-filled porosity and soil particle size - Aged, finely sieved pine bark is incorporated into the mix to provide optimal structure and air space for plant establishment. Air is an essential ingredient for plant's roots as they take up oxygen in order to grow.

Use directly from the bag in pots, containers and raised garden beds. Ideal for all vegetables, herbs and fruiting plants.