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Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait is for the control of Rats and Mice including those resistant to other anticoagulants, in and around domestic, commercial, public services and industrial buildings.

The Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait is the most powerful, single feed mouse bait on the market today. It contains 16 human food grade, inert ingredients that rats & mice can't resist. Made by a unique extrusion process that yields a hard, multiple edged mouse bait with the palatability of a meal bait and the weatherability of a wax bait.

The multiple edges appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw. Used to clean out persistent mouse infestations where control is difficult or resistance to other mouse baits is suspected. A hole in the centre allows you to place the Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait on securing rods in Mouse Bait Stations

Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait is approximately 4 times stronger than Tomcat Ultra Blox. or nail or wire it in place.

Ready to use – fast acting Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait for use in and around homes, agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings. A true mouse bait containing the anti-coagulant mouse bait brodifacoum.

Place Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait in mouse bait station and observe mouse bait take. Replace Tomcat II Blox Mouse Baits that become more than 50% eaten to minimise the chance of blocks being removed from mouse bait stations. Maintain the supply of Tomcat II Blox Mouse Baits until Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait is no longer eaten.

Where continuous control is required, maintain a steady supply of blocks, replacing uneaten Tomcat II Blox Mouse Baits at monthly intervals to ensure Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait remains fresh. Unlike egg-shaped mouse baits, Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait cannot be rolled away and are manufactured with a hole in the middle so they can be easily nailed down to prevent ‘stealing and burying away from the site’

Follow these basic tips when carrying out your pest control programme to ensure you get maximum benefit at minimum cost:

Choose the right product for the job and seek advice if required.
Anticipate the problem rather than reacting to it.
Expose all of the pests to the control measure at the same time and remove all other food options if possible.
Follow label directions. This will improve results and minimise the risk to non-target animals.
Replenish Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait when they are consumed by pests and offer a generous amount of Tomcat II Blox Mouse Bait.
Manage pest immigration by establishing and maintaining control buffer zones.
Also use mouse bait stations to ensure mouse bait remains fresh and dry plus prevents access by non target species.